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Whether you have met an auto accident or a “smash and grab” theft, windshields can break under the impact. A broken auto glass repair demands urgency. Suppose you are in similar situation and wondering about the process of Windshield replacement. In that case, Platinum Auto Glass & Window can help you get repairs or replacements for your broken windshields without any hassle. However, when you are replacing the windshield of your car, you must consider a few things. Read on to know about some essential aspects. Choose Well -known Auto Glass Dealers Only Your car’s windshield does several essential functions. So, when you are looking for windshield repair, your first criteria should be a well-known dealer. Scan through the online reviews of the auto dealers you have shortlisted. Since car windshield repair involves substantial cost, choose a dealer who welcomes insurance. A well-known auto glass repair will offer you immediate service. You can ask them whether your car needs a new windshield or they can repair the existing one. A Windshield Repair Kelowna will give you an honest review. Do not Delay Car Windshield Repair For Too Long If your car windshield has minor damage, tackle it with the same urgency as a broken windshield. What is the advantage? As you go for windshield repair in the initial stage of damage, you restrict further damage, the inconvenience, and the repair cost. As for which type of windshield suits your car the best, trust your windshield repair agency. A good agency will give you honest suggestions. You may have several options for windshield replacement but choose a car glass specialist for the best solution. It may not be easy to know whom to trust or turn to when you have a broken car windshield; please contact us on 250 470 7070. You can also visit us at

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